Tuesday 17 June 2008

Marmite definitely does you good.

The curious cult status of this humble product is long established with its “Love it or hate it” advertising and a plethora of Marmite branded collectables including Limited Editions where the basic substance is combined with an unlikely partner such as Guinness or Champagne. Perhaps Marmite and Swarfega or Marmite and Toblerone could be next. The distinctive Marmite jar is certainly a classic of consumerism and the contemporary label design is visually a close relative of its distant ancestors. Like Swan Vestas matches, the pack has been updated with caution and care. It sometimes appears that there is more than enough written about this product but this small selection of Marmite related printed ephemera is not unattractive or entirely devoid of charm. So, here goes! No lengthy commentary, just some images.

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