Wednesday 10 December 2008

Monkey Brand Santa

Our Simian Santa has struggled through a wintry landscape to bring Christmas cheer to users of Monkey Brand Soap. He is well and truly outside his comfort zone and the effort shows in his pained facial expression. The spindly, straggly Christmas tree clutched in his right hand would not look out of place at the New Forest Lapland. The bearing of mistletoe may be a misguided gesture; it’s not easy to imagine the refined beauties of Victorian womanhood braving the winter cold for a kiss from this Santa. The overall impression is decidedly melancholy but perhaps, not inappropriate for the first Christmas of the new era of Recession.

1 comment:

Marie Reed said...

Outré! This is quite an example of how not to promote a product:)

May I write a little blurb on my bog about you and this delightful site?