Friday 2 January 2009

The rewards of a close shave

A generous display of scantily clad Barbasol Babes selflessly dedicated to the task of eliminating facial hair from the American male by promoting the sales of Barbasol shaving products. This degree of raunchiness would soon become unacceptable in the 1950s but the moral climate of the immediate post-war years was rather more forgiving. No fear of reproach or censure to divert these femmes fatales from their responsibilities. The keen eye will note the presence of a Barbasolette whose fancy has been tickled by an expertly navigated feather to the extent that her upper body is almost entirely disrobed. The credit for this act of gratuitous graphic undressing must go to a previous owner of this copy of Life magazine whose pencils and erasers have been deployed with limited expertise in this curiously perverse mission to expose. Among the other minor dramas in this compilation are a vigorous demonstration of the art of resuscitation, some gentle gardening and even a little telephone sex. The rewards of a close shave.


pixzlee said...

These ads must be where they got the idea for 'Bob' on those male enhancement tv commercials.

Love this blog. I've been reading it for a while now and enjoy the retro graphic arts emphasis.

Phil Beard said...

Many thanks for your kind words about my blog. As for Bob - we don't get to see any of this on this side of the Atlantic. I have the feeling we're not missing much!