Friday 15 July 2011

C W Bacon illustrates Radio Times

Cecil Bacon (1905-92) was a commercial illustrator active from the late 1920s up to the 1970s. He could turn a hand to any task in the advertising industry but the mainstay of his work was editorial – for magazines such as the Listener and Radio Times for whom he produced spot illustrations, mostly executed in scraperboard for over thirty years (1935-1968). These examples of original artwork for Radio Times were acquired direct from the artist in 1982. When Chris Mullen and I visited him at his home in Sussex, near Fairlight, he proved to be a delightful host, modest and self-effacing. He was remarkably generous with his time, gave a conducted tour of his studio and archive and seemed genuinely surprised that anyone should be taking a serious interest in his work. Scraperboard drawing was his preferred technique and in 1951 he published a book on the subject. He may not have been the equal of the likes of Fraser or Bawden but he brought precision and verve to a somewhat neglected medium. The images posted here are as follows:
In Town Tonight (above) from Radio Times dated November 11th 1940
Mystery of the Seven Cafés from Radio Times dated September 6th 1935
Black-outs for the Black-out from Radio Times dated May 3rd 1940
Easter Day border from Radio Times dated April 15th 1949
Summer Showtime from Radio Times, July 1951
The Fleet’s All Lit Up from Radio Times dated June 12th 1953


Thesis Writing said...

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Anonymous said...

Did C W Bacon do the cover for the 1944 Christmas Radio Times? I know he did the 1943 one of the soldier out in the field, but not sure if he did the following year's too.