Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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Like many of my generation I was persuaded to sign up to Faceb**k by younger family members to admire their photographic likenesses engaged in a wide range of activities, some of them legal. It soon became apparent that my digital metabolic rate is far too slow for the high level interactivity that Faceb**k offers to its users. But, by making use of a facility of Faceb**k’s own devising that enabled my blogposts to feed to my Faceb**k page, I could create the illusion of a more substantial presence. This will not be happening after November 22 as Faceb**k has announced in its high-handed way that the option of importing a blog to Facebook notes will no longer be available after that date. They have given no reason and although greater minds than mine have researched all sorts of complicated ways to get round this, I don’t think I can be bothered. It will be no great loss to the world and a gradual accumulation of digital dust and cobwebs can be expected to grace my Faceb**k page. As an act of ultimate indignity, Faceb**k has begun to display targeted advertising on my page expressing dire warnings of the perils of dementia, urging me to contact my doctor, presumably before I lose the ability to read.

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