Thursday 14 June 2012

Tunnel Endings

A subterranean curiosity from one of the Twin Cities – twin postcard views of the entrances to (or exits from) the 1500 foot Selby Streetcar tunnel of 1907, operated by the Twin Cities Rapid Transit Company (TCRT) that used to run underneath the city’s cathedral and emerge in what appears to be a leafy suburb and remains so to this day from what can be seen on StreetView. The tunnel has been out of use since at least 1954 and although the approach to the east entrance (shown in the lower view) can still be found, it has been sealed. Despite which, it seems that urban explorers have occasionally penetrated the mystery and returned with photos of the interior. The card below shows another service of the TCRT trundling past Gibbs Lake en route for the resort area at Lake Minnetonka. 

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