Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Surprise of the Month

Fair play to the man from Dallas who, unafraid to under-estimate the intelligence of the public, set about inducing the readership of Esquire to pay up $1 per month in return for an unspecified item to be delivered to the home of a lucky recipient. Persuading the sophisticates of the executive dining room to fork out for such an unverifiable return may seem like the height of ambition but I like to think this scheme was wildly successful and made a fortune for our Texan venture capitalist as he sat in the mailroom of the Guardian Life Building stuffing plastic combs and harmonicas into padded envelopes. Below are a few more gift suggestions, mostly from the pages of Esquire. They suggest that the sophistication of Esquire readers may be more a matter of self-deception than a reality.

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