Tuesday 3 December 2013

Whilst We Sleep with Typhoo Tea

This is a series of 25 collectors’ cards issued in 1928 by Typhoo Tea. It’s a tribute to the anonymous individuals who keep us safe and ensure the wheels of commerce keep turning throughout the night. We are presented with a sober law-abiding group, responsibly and purposefully occupied in the interests of an orderly productive society. So, no place for the courtesan, the croupier or the cat burglar. Most of these worthy folk would today be working for Serco or G4S on Zero Hours contracts, clad in Hi Vis jackets. Today’s Pantheon of Heroes of the Night would have to include the office cleaner, the Paramedic, the Amazon order picker, the all-night DJ, and the Samaritans volunteer. The images are ideally suited to the elongated vertical format designed to fit inside a packet of tea and, unlike cigarette cards could be collected without exposure to the health risks associated with smoking. 

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