Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Bridge Postcards of 2015

To follow up last week’s post about bridges, this is a selection of vintage postcards of bridges around the world acquired in 2015. Some are bridges that I visited in the past and two were visited in 2015 - most of them are bridges that I shall never visit, not least because so many no longer exist. The card above shows two adjacent bridges that still exist in Rotterdam. In the foreground is the Koninginnebrug of 1929 that remains open for traffic. Towering in the background is De Hef of 1927, a lifting bridge for rail traffic. The last train crossed in 1993 and after a public campaign against its destruction, it was preserved as a rijksmonument. Joris Ivens made a fine 12 minute documentary tribute in 1928 that can often be seen on YouTube – it comes and goes as uploaders do battle with copyright restrictions.

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