Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Noon over America

Campbell’s Soup was one of the most assiduous advertisers in America’s mass-circulation magazines and where possible would purchase the first page after the editorial content for their ads. Their prime target was the hard-pressed Great American Mom for whom the daily task of feeding hungry, boisterous and hard-to-please children was an eternal source of despair. Campbell’s offered a simple solution in the form of heat and serve cans of condensed soup in which the nutritional benefits of vitamins and protein were supplied in an easily absorbed liquid slurry. Rebuilding energy levels for the challenges of the afternoon had never been easier. Only 4 minutes from shelf to table and even the most fractious child is calm and content. Implicit in these messages was the idea that all mothers could mold their offspring into healthy, happy, high-achieving youngsters. Transformed into bright and smiling paragons of virtue with dazzling white teeth to match.

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