Thursday, 27 July 2017

Praha všedního dne – Everyday Prague 1959

This is a selection of Prague photographs from the 1950s, published in 1959 with the title Praha všedního dne (Everyday Prague). Erich Einhorn (1928-2006) was the photographer and on this evidence, a highly accomplished and unusually observant practitioner. The images show a high level awareness of European, American and Soviet photo-traditions, plus an instinct for prowling the streets and seizing the moment. From 1955, Einhorn was employed as a photo-journalist on the newly founded newspaper, Večerní Praha which suggests the photos in this book were taken as part of, or alongside, his day-job. Elevated viewpoints alternate with street level shots. There’s an acute sensitivity to the potential of shadows as compositional elements and some straightforward Pictorialism, relieved by an eye for the incongruous. The layout of the book is carefully considered with pairings chosen for their complementary characteristics. Double page spreads are used sparingly but effectively. Einhorn’s other photobooks include travelogues (Prague Castle, Spas of West Bohemia) as well as additional urban studies of Prague and Moscow.

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