Wednesday, 2 December 2020

More Contests and Sweepstakes

Another folder of competitions and sweepstakes has turned up, offering a few more choice examples of the genre. There’s a wonderful variety of prizes on offer from the obvious (new car, exotic vacations) to the absurdly lavish (twin light aircraft) with the occasionally inspired (a race horse of your own). Watching your very own race horse parade in the paddock with its pint-size passenger on board or take the lead in a crowded field may be the thrill of a lifetime for some. Horses are splendid creatures but they’re not easily house-trained and would make cumbersome family pets. My greatest admiration is reserved for those who are bred for toil - pulling ploughs through recalcitrant earth or dragging logs out of the forest. So I would have passed on this opportunity.

Cash dominates the offers with some ingenious delivery methods (stuffed into a mattress) or instalment options based on monthly or annual increments extended for a lifetime. Oxydol’s offer of a brand new 6 room home (every week for 5 weeks) is intriguing and it would be fascinating to know what became of the fortunate five.  The “His and Hers” planes (plus 20 hours of flight instruction) and the two Ford Mustangs for the runners up are helpfully colour coded blue and red to avoid any arguments. Poetry is in short supply with the honourable exception of Johnson & Johnson who are tempting your offspring with a chance to “Win Your Wildest Dream”.


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