Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Colbert Swing Bridge, Dieppe

The Pont Colbert was completed in 1888 and is a rare survivor and still in regular use. It pivots from the bank and is opened on average 4 times a day, powered by its original motors. Owned by the Dieppe port authority it is showing signs of neglect and hasn’t been painted for more than two decades. Unlike many similar bridges it performs a vital function, linking the two halves of the town. The port would like to be rid of it and plans exist for a modern replacement. Local campaigners have pointed out that a new bridge would be hugely more expensive than refurbishing the present bridge and add that its rarity has the potential to make it a visitor destination in its own right. Europa Nostra has included the bridge on the list of Europe’s 7 Most Endangered Buildings of 2016 and its future remains uncertain and undecided.

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