Saturday, 5 January 2019

Citroën and Tintin

Two Citroën 2CV brochures from 1985 – one in French, one in English. Designed and drawn by Bob de Moors (1925-1992), an associate and sometime assistant to Hergé, in classic ligne-claire style. Tintin and Hergé had a long and presumably profitable association with Citroën and collectors have compiled extensive lists of examples of publicity. The popularity of Tintin offered an easy route to capture the hearts and minds of the motoring public and steer them toward the Citroën brand. The artist has produced a perfect pastiche, slightly overshadowed by Citroën’s demand that only photographic images of the cars could be shown. It makes for some disassociative effects when we see the hand-drawn occupants of a photographically rendered vehicle passing through a hand-drawn landscape.

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