Friday, 18 December 2009

Félix Potin

An assembly of carnivores, clad in winter coats is gathered in the Boulevard Sébastopol on a Saturday morning to attend the grand opening of a new butchery department in the Félix Potin store. The date is January 14th. and the best estimate is that the year is 1905 when January 14th. fell on a Saturday. Potin (1820-1871) was an innovative retailer who pioneered the concept of manufacturing a wide range of goods, branding them as his own and selling them in his own stores. This store, opened in 1860 was his flagship. The cavernous food hall with its grand arched ceiling and lavish decoration is piled high with carcasses awaiting the attention of the butcher’s knife. Look for the Adoration of the Golden Calf that adorns the back wall. These are timely images of over-consumption as the season of gluttony overwhelms us.

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