Sunday, 28 March 2010

Walking on Rubber

Some dazzling interiors from the 1930s courtesy of a promotional pamphlet produced by Leyland Rubber Flooring. They range in style from the rectilinear elegance of Marion Dorn (for Shell Mex) to the civic pomp of Ayrshire County Hall via Ramsden’s Fish and Chip Restaurant near Leeds and the Scala Cinema in Southport. Thus demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of the material. Rubber flooring is still produced in Lancashire and promoted as an environmentally sustainable alternative to the ubiquitous vinyl.

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Unknown said...

Hi, wondered if you had any further information of the Two designs at the top of your page...particularly the one on the left, The Super Cinema in Paris....This, amongst many others was laid by my Grandfather Francis Donnelly. I believe he spent a lot of time during this period working all over Europe. I know he did jobs in Copenhagen, Nice, Athens etc......Any information would be gratefully received.
I am almost 70 myself and do not know how to Blogg so I should really appreciate email : or my telephone 07875 006528,
Thank you very much for your time, Peter Donnelly