Sunday, 17 May 2009

Two Years of Trivia

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog and a trip behind the scenes has been organized by way of celebration. A chance to meet some of the people and personalities who toil for slender reward in the vast trivia plantations where the raw material is produced. The Quality Control Directorate (above) is a highly trained team recruited from the nation’s finest seats of learning. Equipped with the latest in modern technology, their task is to monitor work-in-progress for any references to politics, current affairs or self indulgent philosophising and consign them to oblivion.

The Finance Department (above) is the most critical element in the entire enterprise. The task is to itemise and value every transaction and ensure that invoices are dispatched to the appropriate department in accordance with the principles of the internal market. Management of the budget, target setting, preparation of financial statements and handling expense claims come within the remit of this department.

The Audit Team (above) is responsible for staff appraisal and monitoring overall performance in relation to set targets, in terms of management efficiency and value for money.

The Office of Corporate Governance (above) takes the lead on issues of environmental sustainability, ethical conduct, community outreach and equal opportunities. Staffed exclusively by individuals of the highest moral probity, no mercy is shown towards the smallest deviation from the path of righteousness.

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