Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Today’s Recipe

This treat for the tastebuds comes courtesy of the HõVIS™ Book of Sandwich Delights, a compendium of sweet and savoury self-indulgence from the inter-war years. Today’s recommendation is the Bovril and Nasturtium Sandwich, an inspired combination of beef extract and garden plant. Bovril, the subject of a previous posting, is a Marmite-style concoction for carnivores and one of those products whose consumers would be ill-advised to enquire too closely into its contents or manufacturing process. Nasturtium leaves have a peppery flavour, reminiscent of watercress and so long as they’re harvested before the caterpillars devour them, will make an exciting accompaniment to the salty tang of Bovril. To quote from the source – a very piquante experience.

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