Tuesday 10 July 2007

Jetstream UK

The North Atlantic jetstream has repositioned itself for a summer break over the British Isles which is good news for all those (mostly cod) who inhabit the area between Northern Scotland and Iceland where it’s usually found. In effect it serves as an atmospheric super highway for the speedy delivery of an almost unbroken sequence of depressions and rain fronts. Which is why this space is presently sheltering under the umbrellas of Gustave Caillebotte’s monumental “Temps de pluie”. There are some compensations and best of all are some of the dramatic cloudscapes to be seen as vast masses of turbulent air collide in spectacular fashion. There is rarely a camera to hand when these events occur but on Sunday evening at about 9.15pm I was in just the right place to take these photographs from our garden overlooking Lyme Bay in East Devon.

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