Thursday, 31 March 2022

Pyramids, Arcades, Wheels and Elevators

Portfolio presentations from the postcard collection.  The process of selecting and grouping by subject throws up intriguing contrasts between images that have a superficial affinity and just as many differences. It’s interesting, for example, to watch the diminishing scale of the pyramids as they move from centre stage to incidental backdrop. What these 4 subjects have in common is that they’re all, in varying degrees, simple structures or volumes.  Serious collectors often arrange their treasures by slotting them, six at a time into plastic pockets held in cumbersome albums with ring binders.  Less discriminating collectors, or accumulators like myself, possess such a ridiculous quantity of cards that this option is logistically impossible.  Before they get sorted into boxes every card is scanned and tagged, ready for arranging into digital album pages when time permits.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Postcard of the Day No. 108, Ice Men of Oregon

These are the four Ice Men of Crook County, Oregon who had the task of supplying the locals with  slabs of ice extracted from a hillside cave and hauled up a chute for onward transport to the nearby town of Bend. There was no shortage of ice in the winter months but in summer it commanded a premium price. This activity ended in 1920 when electricity became locally available. Up to then, the ice had been delivered to the local saloon-keeper who sold it on to the townspeople at a profit for refrigeration. Between them these two postcards tell the story of the ice gatherers and it’s pleasing that their gaunt and weary faces have been recorded and preserved for posterity. A local museum has a more detailed account here.


Sunday, 6 March 2022

Rendsburg Hochbrücke reopens

By chance I discovered that that the Transporter bridge function of the Rendsburg Hochbrücke was fully restored to public operation last Friday (March 4th. 2022) as reported here in the local press. It’s the end of a long saga that began in 2016 when the gondola collided with a passing  ship - an inquiry found that the fault rested with the operator of the gondola for failing to observe the approaching vessel. After the impact the gondola was deemed beyond repair and a replacement was built at a cost of 13 million euros. Last Friday was a day of excitement for the citizenry who gathered in numbers to serenade the return of their much loved bridge. An account of my visit to Rendsburg in 2018 can be read here.