Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Graphis Magazine Covers

Graphis magazine was an immensely influential Swiss publication founded by Walter Herdeg that showcased the best in graphic design and illustration from its first issue in 1944. An Helvetican air of cool sobriety distinguished its pages and the editorial material was truly international and included tri-lingual texts. Most issues featured at least one digression into the world of fine and applied arts with features on such arcane topics as carved pulpits in Bulgaria, apothecarys’ signs in medieval Salamanca or the corporate graphics of the Hanseatic League. The cover artists had complete freedom to adapt the magazine’s masthead to their own designs and we present six examples from the early years of Graphis when it was virtually unchallenged as the pre-eminent house magazine for graphic designers everywhere. Details of the artists follow below.

Graphis 20 Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988)
Graphis 17 Hans Erni (b. 1909)
Graphis 31 Tom Eckersley (1914-1997)
Graphis 22 Jacques Nathan (1910-2001)
Graphis 26 George Giusti (1908-1990)
Graphis 27 Jean Picart le Doux (1902-1982)

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